We are the voice for animals and their people in Saskatchewan

We are a non-profit organization and advocacy group, dedicated to the ongoing improvement of animal lives across the province. We work in collaboration with animal welfare organizations, human service agencies, and other partners in order to improve the lives of animals and their people.

Supporting Saskatchewan’s animals for nearly 100 years

On March 7, 1928, the SaskSPCA was established by the provincial legislature, with a stated focus on promoting the humane treatment of animals. Since then, as the province (and our purpose) has grown and evolved, this idea has remained our guiding, central principle.

For many years, we were well known for our work enforcing the Animal Protection Act, with a team of officers traveling around the province to investigate and resolve reports of animal cruelty. In 2015, that branch was discontinued, but a new agency – the Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan – was established to continue its mission.

Today, we are one of 17 unique and autonomous SPCAs and Humane Societies in the province working with a common goal to improve the welfare of animals. Through collaboration, education, empathy, compassion, and respect for our animals, we seek to develop new legislation, programs, and services and continue our pursuit of a Saskatchewan free from cruelty and inhumane treatment.

Our Vision:

A Saskatchewan in which all animals are free from hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, disease, fear and distress, and able to express normal behaviour.

Our Mission:

To coordinate and amplify a system of best practices in animal welfare across the Province of Saskatchewan.

Our Guiding Principles:

The SaskSPCA …

  • Accepts the use of animals by humans
  • Generates public awareness to prevent animal suffering
  • Promotes the mutually beneficial relationship between animals and humans
  • Believes that animal welfare should be considered in terms of the Five Freedoms
  • Takes a collaborative approach to achieve its mission and vision
  • Is a transparent organization that is respected for its innovation, integrity, and passion.

The People Behind the SaskSPCA

Our permanent staff and volunteer board members work to achieve the mission and vision of the SaskSPCA.
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The Bylaws of the SaskSPCA

The bylaws were approved by our membership in 2015 and provide us with a foundation for action, support, and behaviour as we pursue our vision for the future.
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Annual Reports

See our allocated budgets, funds raised, and operating expenses, as well as highlights and initiatives we have undertaken through the years.
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