SaskSPCA Bylaws as they were approved by the Membership on September 26, 2015.

What are the benefits of using for fundraising?

* only accepts legitimate fundraisers and checks authenticity, therefore donors are more likely to trust and help fundraisers listed on Parithyaga,org. * advertises fundraisers on Facebook with sponsored posts giving your fundraisers more visibility and reaching a lot of potential donors. *Its free!

Why should I donate to fundraisers on

* only accepts legitimate fundraisers and checks authenticity. Donors can be more confident that they will not be scammed and their donations go the right place. *We offer you the utility of doing good deeds and have a reward(badge) system to recognize you. You can create a public profile to showcase your good deeds. *We always provide direct beneficiary bank details. So there will be no commissions or additional fees charged.

I am in need, can give me money?

No, does not always make direct donations. But we can help you to start a fundraiser. (There are instances in which we may donate to certain fundraisers ourselves.)

Can I request a fundraiser for me, and also someone else? For what purposes can I start a fundraiser?

You can request a fundraiser for yourself or someone else. Visit "Fundraise" page to see instances in which you can request fundraisers.

If this service is free, how does Parithyaga pay its bills?

We rely on donations and sponsorships. Premium membership subscriptions are also on the way!

How does Parithyaga make sure fundraisers are legitimate?

We verify the details mentioned in the fundraiser by contacting relavent offices/organizations (as an example, the patient's hospital in medical fundraisers) and/or with proof documents(eg: Doctor's report and bank pass books).

Should I create an account on

It's not mandatory, but you are most welcome to do so. You will be able to earn badges as you donate, engage in group discussions in the community and even share photos.

How do I earn badges for my profile?

Once you make a donation, you can send us payment proof so that we can add point to your profile. Badges will be granted when the relavent requirements are met. However earning points depends on you sending us payment proof. Only donations to fundraisers listed on will be considered unless otherwise stated.