Back in the late 1920s a group of citizens approached the provincial government, asking to create an organization that would promote the humane treatment of animals.  


On March 7, 1928 their dream became a reality. The Saskatchewan SPCA was officially established by an act of the provincial legislature.


Since 1928, the Saskatchewan SPCA has grown and evolved. One thing has remained consistent:  our focus on the prevention of animal cruelty. 


Over the years, we have provided education on responsible animal care, and advocated for improved animal welfare legislation.  Until 2015 we were perhaps best known for our work in the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act. Our team of animal protection officers traveled the province to investigate and resolve reports of suspected animal cruelty.


After our decision to discontinue our investigative services role, a separate agency, Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan, was established in 2015 to focus exclusively on enforcement.


Presently the Saskatchewan SPCA strives to promote empathy, compassion, and respect for animals.


Throughout our more than 90-year history, the Saskatchewan SPCA has worked collaboratively to ensure animals are treated humanely throughout their lives.


We are one of 17 SPCAs and Humane Societies providing services to animals in the province. We are all separate, autonomous organizations, each working in different areas to contribute to the welfare of animals.


The Saskatchewan SPCA is developing new programs and services to meet the changing needs of a vibrant province.


Advocacy: As the provincial voice on animal welfare, we work to strengthen laws and regulations relating to the treatment of animals. We consulted on updates to Saskatchewan’s Animal Protection Act and were pleased to see the new law and regulations introduced in 2018.


Animal Safekeeping: In a home where there is violence, people and animals are both at risk. The victim of abuse may stay in a dangerous situation out of concern for the safety of animals they would have to leave behind. Animal safekeeping programs are vital to the growth of stronger, safer communities.    


The Registration of Animal Rescues: We are working with a wide range of stakeholders in order to establish a voluntary registration and certification program for animal rescues. This education-based program is designed to improve the welfare of homeless animals.


The Stryker K-9 Care Fund: This is a Canadian first. The Stryker K-9 Fund assists with the veterinary costs for retired police dogs that served with the RCMP or municipal police forces in Saskatchewan. The program has also been expanded to include dogs that served with Canada Border Services Agency.