Saskatchewan SPCA Licence Plates



Help us give puppies plates of food by purchasing a SaskSPCA licence plate. The proceeds of your purchase feeds animals across our entire province through the Saskatchewan Emergency Pet Food Bank

You can now purchase a SaskSPCA Licence Plate voucher directly from our website! Click the "Buy Now" button above to complete your order and we'll send the voucher right to your mailbox.

Saskatchewan vehicle owners can purchase a Saskatchewan SPCA specialty licence plate at SGI motor licence issuers throughout the province. Each plate will cost $50, with $27 from each purchase supporting the Saskatchewan Emergency Pet Food Bank.

The option to purchase a personalized specialty plate is also available. Plates are available for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.

The licence plate features the Saskatchewan SPCA logo and the slogan Respect for Animals.

2913 - Auto Fund SPCA_plate_A0000.png
2913 - Auto Fund SPCA_plate_SSPCA.png

Regular series and personalized options are available.


The official Saskatchewan SPCA plates come in 2 sizes:

  • Large plate – 5 or less characters

  • Small plate – 4 or less characters (snowmobile and motorcycles only)


Choose from the options below:

Single Saskatchewan SPCA series plate
$50 + GST
Single Saskatchewan SPCA series plate plus display (includes the plate for the back of your vehicle and a matching front display plate)
$50 + GST + $20
Saskatchewan SPCA display (matching front plate)
Saskatchewan SPCA plate with your current personalized slogan
$50 + GST + $20 replacement fee
Single Saskatchewan SPCA personalized plate
$75 PLP Fee + $50 plate fee + GST

How to get a plate:

Click the "Buy Plate Now" button above to order online. Or visit any SGI motor licence issuer to order your plate.

Fill out this form when you’re ready to order a personalized plate: Personalized Saskatchewan SPCA Plates form (pdf)