Animal Cruelty Legislation Enforcement

Earlier this week the Saskatchewan SPCA announced our decision to not renew our contract with the Ministry to enforce The Animal Protection Act. This was a unanimous decision made by the board of directors after months of extensive discussion.

In the media coverage of the announcement, there has been some confusion about enforcement of animal cruelty legislation. To clarify:

  1. Enforcement will continue to be done in rural areas of the province after March 31st; the Ministry of Agriculture is presently making arrangements for this vital service.

  2. We are working with the Ministry to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility for enforcement.

  3. We have recommended to the Ministry that our Animal Protection Officers and other investigative services staff be a part of the new arrangements being made for enforcement. Our staff are experienced, knowledgeable individuals who care deeply about animal welfare.

  4. SPCAs and Humane Societies in Regina, Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Moose Jaw employ Animal Protection Officers to handle animal cruelty investigations in their respective areas. There is no change to the services provided in these cities.

Animal welfare is and always has been our primary concern. Going forward, the Saskatchewan SPCA is looking forward to the chance to take a more positive, proactive approach to help animals.


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