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Cancer is a disease that affects thousands of Canadian families each year. While it’s a disease that attacks humans, many animals, including family pets, will face the fight as well. This new blog by Leanne Sillers, the Saskatchewan SPCA’s Animal Safekeeping Coordinator, will document what her family experiences as Jack, their beloved golden retriever, begins treatment for a mast cell tumour.

Follow Leanne and Jack’s journey as they navigate their way through a life-changing situation.

Next steps…

By Leanne Sillers, BSW, RSW Animal Safekeeping Coordinator Saskatchewan SPCA

Jack keeps a close eye on Leanne’s office.

As October 18th came closer, the more I worried as to what the oncologist was going to tell me about my handsome golden retriever.

As Jack, my husband, and I arrive at the vet college, I was the only one that was becoming emotional. Jack was wagging his tail at everyone, per usual, and my husband was positive, as he always is. So was I overreacting to the tumor? Again, the staff at the vet college were amazing! They explained what the tumor was, the options we had, and the steps we needed to take to get there. Of course I shed some tears just thinking about what the possibilities might be.

I was hoping for more answers, but until they get a better look at the tumor we are still in limbo. Blood work was done and it all came back positive. And now we needed a urine sample!? Of course Jack had just peed right before I took him in, so that meant I had to collect a sample. My husband told me the look on my face was priceless when the doctor was talking about this. I won’t go into details about collecting the sample; it really wasn’t difficult. I actually felt a little bit like a mad scientist getting the urine in the vial with my surgical gloves on. I can only imagine what it looked like.

A few days later we got the results of the urine sample, and again, all looks good. His surgery is now scheduled for November 8th. The oncologist seems positive but there are no guarantees.

As I am writing this, Jack is sound asleep, not a care in the world. I am really trying to be like him and just chill and not focus on “what if.” I need to keep telling myself, he is eating and drinking water. He still wants to go for walks and play – he can’t possibly be sick. So for the next couple of weeks, we’ll keep plugging away and thinking good thoughts for the surgery.

It’s amazing how one dog can have an impact on so many people. He actually got a get well card. Think good thoughts for November 8th.

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