New Era in Animal Welfare in Saskatchewan

There are now two provincial agencies devoted to animal welfare in Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan SPCA is working to prevent animal cruelty, while the newly created Animal Protection Services will focus on the enforcement of animal protection legislation.

Animal welfare is and always has been the primary concern of the Saskatchewan SPCA, dating back to when our organization was first established in 1928.

The Saskatchewan SPCA has worked hard over the years to develop a quality enforcement program, devoting considerable time, effort and money to the provision of that service. While proud of the growth of our enforcement program, we were also keenly aware that there was more we could be doing to prevent animal cruelty.

In January 2015, the Saskatchewan SPCA announced our decision to not renew our contract to handle enforcement. Our Board felt the time was right to focus on areas where we can have the greatest impact on animal welfare.

We now have the opportunity to devote all of our resources to education and the prevention of animal cruelty.

We welcome the creation of the new agency, Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan (APSS). Four former members of our Saskatchewan SPCA staff will be working with APSS. Executive Director Kaley Pugh will lead an experienced team that includes APOs Ashley Detillieux and Stacey Greke, along with Operations Associate Laura Vany. We will miss working with these talented women and wish them all the best in their new roles.

Looking to the future, the Saskatchewan SPCA and Animal Protection Services will each be working in our own separate ways to make Saskatchewan a safer and more humane place for animals.

The Saskatchewan SPCA is committed to working with APSS as well as local SPCAs and Humane Societies, rescue groups, veterinarians, industry, government, producers and pet owners. We all have a role to play in animal welfare. Working together, we can share ideas and develop workable solutions to the challenging task of ensuring that all animals are treated humanely, throughout their lives.

Reporting Animal Cruelty

A new organization has been established to provide enforcement of The Animal Protection Act in areas previously served by the Saskatchewan SPCA.

Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan (APSS) has been contracted by the Ministry of Agriculture to investigate reports of animal neglect and abuse in the province. The Ministry will provide funding in the amount of $610,000 per year to the new organization.

To report suspected animal cruelty, please contact Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan:


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