Preparing for an emergency? Remember your pets!

During Emergency Preparedness Week, the Saskatchewan SPCA reminds residents to include their pets in any emergency preparations.

“In recent memory, we have witnessed emergencies in our province ranging from tornadoes and train derailments to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Josh Hourie, Community Relations Coordinator for the Saskatchewan SPCA. “Emergencies can happen at any time and that’s why we’re encouraging pet owners to plan ahead and prepare. Taking the time now to think about your pet’s needs in your emergency plans will ensure their safety should disaster strike.” The Saskatchewan SPCA suggests using the Pet Emergency Kit Checklist and the Pet Emergency Information Sheet to assist in your planning. These resources provide an easy-to-follow overview of the recommended supplies to include in your emergency kit along with a detailed pet care instructions form.

The checklist and information sheet can be downloaded at

Pet emergency kits should include appropriate food and water, bowls, medications, medical records, leash and collar, ID tags, animal first aid kit, a pet carrier, and other special considerations for your specific animal such as cat litter or bedding. When disaster strikes, stay informed by listening to local media and follow your local emergency measures organization on social media. For more information about emergency planning for your family and your pets, visit: The Government of Saskatchewan’s Disaster Prevention and Preparedness website The Government of Canada’s Get Prepared website




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