Dedicated to education, advocacy, and strong relationships between humans and animals in Saskatchewan

Our goal is to create lasting bonds for people and their animals, and to lead the way in proving positive change is not only possible, but the most preferable way forward. Our work entails advocacy for animals that have suffered domestic violence, retirement support for law enforcement dogs, food programs, better animal welfare legislation, and so much more. Through this, we hope to improve the lives of all animals.

Our Programs

SaskSPCA Pet Food Bank

In consultation with members of Food Banks of Saskatchewan, this program assists families and their pets with proper nutrition.
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Stryker K-9 Care Fund

This program assists dogs retired from law enforcement in Saskatchewan with their veterinary care.
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Humane Education

Through a variety of events and outreach initiatives, we promote respect for animals and teach people across the province humane practices.
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Help us make their voices heard

Your donations have a direct and positive impact on animals all over Saskatchewan.