Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations

In 2018 the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) released a new edition of the Code of Practice for Canadian Kennel Operations.

From the CVMA:

Seven years in the making, the over 80-page document incorporates new scientific evidence in many aspects of dog breeding and kennel management, including behaviour and social needs, housing, medicine and nutrition. The latest Kennel Code applies to various environments in which dogs are kept for breeding purposes, ranging from a private home to a large facility.

“Our hope is that this comprehensive document will be used by breeders, kennel operators, and people looking to purchase a dog from a breeding facility,” says Dr. Troye McPherson, CVMA President. “We want legislative bodies to incorporate into law a reference that will address the breeding and keeping of dogs, and we want veterinarians to use this resource to assist their clients who are dog breeders, kennel operators or prospective owners.”

To view the new Code, please click here or visit the CVMA website at