Preparing for an emergency

Emergencies can happen at any time. The SaskSPCA urges residents to plan ahead and prepare by including their pets in any emergency preparations. Recent emergencies in our province include tornadoes and wild fires to train derailments and the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking the time now to think about your pet’s needs in your emergency plans will ensure their safety in the event of a disaster. When disaster strikes, stay informed by listening to local media and follow your local emergency measures organization on social media.

Download and use the SaskSPCA’s Pet Emergency Kit Checklist and the Pet Emergency Information Sheet to assist in your planning. These resources provide an easy-to-follow overview of the recommended supplies to include in your emergency kit along with a detailed pet care instructions form.

For more information about emergency planning for your family and your pets, visit:

And for beef and dairy producers, the Animal Health Emergency Management (AHEM) Summary Brochure provides a high-level summary of the emergency phases, and the key actions producers can take to understand, plan, and prepare to respond.