The Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (SCIC) is responsible for the delivery of Saskatchewan’s Feral Wild Boar Control Program.

All program funding is through the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

The Feral Wild Boar Control Program has three major roles:

  • Sightings: We provide public awareness, we intake reports of wild boar and investigate every sighting.
  • Coordination: We coordinate qualified hunters and trappers with Rural Municipalities and Landowners to investigate sightings and take appropriate action required to remove wild boar through established protocol and procedures.
  • Management: Trail cameras are used to monitor high risk areas, both in public forests and crop lands.

The Feral Wild Boar Control Program operates as part of the Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

SCIC remains committed to ongoing research and development of the Program.

It is important for the public to report any wild boar sightings. Anyone can report a sighting and use the control program. It is not limited to agricultural producers experiencing damage. Please report it to SCIC immediately.

The public can contact their local SCIC office or call, toll-free 1833-PIGSPOT or visit SCIC also contributes to investigations of reports gathered through social media.