The Saskatchewan Animal Rescue Certification (SARC) Program helps promote the welfare of homeless animals. The goal of the program is to improve the welfare of homeless animals through education and support for the groups that rescue and care for these animals.


Work began on the program in 2016, when the Saskatchewan SPCA established a Working Group to explore the possibility of creating a new certification program for animal rescues.


Jointly, the Working Group has developed the framework for a robust, voluntary certification program suitable for all types of pet rescues, whether newly established or an experienced organization.


For the purposes of this program, a rescue group is defined as one that rehomes and/or provides ongoing care for unwanted, abused, stray, or abandoned animals; and operates or provides services in Saskatchewan; and adheres to the principles of not-for-profit.


The program includes:

  • Newly developed standards of care for pet rescues 

  • Reference materials for animal rescues and shelters

  • A voluntary certification process (in development)

  • Guidelines for pet owners and potential adopters  


Over time, SARC will help raise the public profile of the animal rescue sector while encouraging greater collaboration between rescues and shelters.


SARC is being developed with the input and support of: