Executive Director


Frances Wach is the Saskatchewan SPCA’s Executive Director and has been involved with the organization for almost thirty years.

Her story begins with a strong desire to help others. At the time Frances made her entry into the animal welfare sector – serving on the Yorkton SPCA board – she was working as a social worker. Through her experience in both the human and animal services sectors, it became apparent to Frances that the health and well-being of humans and animals are interconnected, an approach now known as One Health. The relationship between human and animal well-being remains a top concern of hers, from the link between family violence and animal abuse, to providing the homeless with essential supplies to care for their pets.

Frances stresses the importance of helping people by helping their animals, and helping animals by helping their owners.



Program Director


In 2009, after spending more than two decades with a local advertising agency, Sandra Anderson was ready to embark on a new career and applied for a job with the Saskatchewan SPCA.

Her responsibilities as Program Director include planning the Saskatchewan SPCA annual conference, assisting with development of a new registration program for animal rescues, and raising awareness of the importance of emergency planning that addresses the needs of companion animals and livestock. She loves having the opportunity to work with people from a variety of backgrounds who are passionate about improving the lives of both people and animals.

While she does not have any pets of her own at present, Sandra still remembers the feeling of wonder she felt as an eight-year-old child, holding a newborn German Shepherd puppy in her hand for the first time.



Administrative Assistant


Crystal Stubbs has been the Administrative Assistant for the Saskatchewan SPCA since 2004.

As the engine that keeps the office running, she is kept busy answering phone calls, responding to emails, processing donations and bills, sending out letters and receipts, preparing financial statements, and various other tasks.

Crystal grew up on an acreage where they cared for cats, dogs, chickens, cows, and horses. She had a strong connection to all of her animals and, as a child, dreamed of pursuing a career as a veterinarian. Although Crystal can no longer be in close contact with most animals due to her allergies, she does, however, have a pet betta fish named Spot. Animal welfare issues that are top of mind for her include humane care, the link between animal abuse and interpersonal violence, and animal hoarding.



Community Relations Coordinator


Josh Hourie is the Saskatchewan SPCA’s Community Relations Coordinator and has been with us for five years. His duties include managing the Saskatchewan SPCA’s social media presence, acting as the organization’s spokesperson, coordinating campaigns (such as Warming Hearts & Paws), and representing the Saskatchewan SPCA at community and partner meetings.

Animals have been part of Josh’s life for as long as he can remember. His interest in animal welfare stems from the pet cats his family has cared for over the years. After joining the Saskatchewan SPCA as an employee in 2015, he became more aware of the many challenges facing the animal welfare sector, including animal abuse and neglect, cat overpopulation, and the link between animal abuse and domestic violence. His increased awareness of these issues has strengthened his desire to help improve the lives of pets, livestock, and wildlife.





Jenny Marriott has been a volunteer with the Saskatchewan SPCA for three years. With her strong research and writing skills and an educational background in agriculture, she is helping to educate and inform stakeholders on a range of topical animal health and welfare issues. We are particularly excited to have her assistance in the planning stages of a new social enterprise project for the Saskatchewan SPCA.

Jenny has been passionate about the welfare of animals for as long as she can remember. When not volunteering for our organization, she loves spending time with her favourite pets: Ainsleigh and Gabby (cats) and PeeWee (horse).

Board of Directors





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Vice President

Carol Thomson joined the board of directors over four years ago after covering stories on the Saskatchewan SPCA as a reporter.

As a child, Carol’s father would bring home injured rabbits from the farm, igniting her curiosity and respect for animals at a young age. Her concern for animal welfare stuck with her. Now, years later, Carol has big dreams. She hopes to assist in establishing pet-friendly domestic violence shelters across Saskatchewan, bring more understanding to the Link between animal abuse and domestic violence, and work towards ensuring that all animals in need are taken care of.

Carol has one cat. She would like to have more but, for the time being, settles for admiring other people’s pets on social media.





Margaret Northcote, known by most as Peg, is a veterinarian by practice with an M.A. in Bovine Reproduction. She has been on the Saskatchewan SPCA Board of Directors for over twenty years.

Peg originally got involved with the Saskatchewan SPCA to serve on the Investigative Services Program Review Committee, an ad hoc committee that oversaw the Saskatchewan SPCA’s role in enforcement of The Animal Protection Act. As a board member, Peg has continued to play an active role in advancing the Saskatchewan SPCA’s mission of improving the welfare of animals.

Peg has been around cats and cattle for much of her life. She underscores the important role animals play in offering support, company, and purpose to their caregivers.





Karen Skirten joined the Saskatchewan SPCA Board of Directors in September of 2019 to get involved with the work being done on the link between animal abuse and domestic violence.

With a background in sales and marketing, Karen uses her experience and network to ensure that the Saskatchewan SPCA’s mission is realized. She has cared for several different animals in the past, including gerbils, hamsters, and fish, and she has always had a dog by her side. Her current companion is a rambunctious English Springer Spaniel named Ella.

To Karen, the human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial relationship; as owners, we provide food, water, and shelter, and, in return, receive unconditional love, loyalty, and affection.





Chris Brueckner joined the Saskatchewan SPCA Board of Directors three years ago.

As a lifelong lover of animals, Chris joined the board to dedicate his time and effort towards a cause that is deeply personal to him. Growing up, he cared for all kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, and birds. To this day, Chris has a dog named Bud, a cat named Monty, and multiple fish (one of which is named Elfort). He emphasizes the animal-human bond as one that transcends differences. Animals are, ultimately, members of the family. We provide them with food and shelter, and, in return, they offer us unconditional love and support.

With the Saskatchewan SPCA, Chris hopes to do whatever he can to support animals and prevent abuse.



Meadow Lake


Kenneth Krause’s professional background is in administration. In addition to volunteering and serving as a board member with the local Humane Society, he has been on the Saskatchewan SPCA Board of Directors for thirteen years.

He got involved with the Saskatchewan SPCA because he wanted to see a better life for animals, especially cats and dogs. With the Saskatchewan SPCA, Kenneth hopes to form a better understanding of the problems facing humanity regarding the relationship between animal husbandry and domestic abuse, and work towards solutions to alleviate “the link.” He describes the animal-human bond as an unspoken, loving connection between a human and their pet.

Kenneth has two dogs of his own, both American Staffordshire mixes.





Jack MacKay has been serving on the Saskatchewan SPCA Board of Directors for over thirty years. He is a former Chartered Accountant and has been committed to promoting animal welfare throughout his life.

Jack originally became involved with the Saskatchewan SPCA through his involvement with the Yorkton SPCA. He was disturbed by the abuse and suffering experienced by animals and got involved to channel his desire to encourage respect and care for all creatures.

Although he has no pets currently, he has had the privilege of caring for three dogs and a cat over the years. He describes the animal-human bond as a natural connection of love and respect.



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