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Tickets for the 2023 Christmas Cash Lottery go on sale on October 2, 2023!

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50/50 Kitty Pool Current Jackpot


Winner Takes Half!


50/50 Kitty Pool Maximum Payout


Grand Prize


Huge Supporter Prize


Early Bird Prize


15 Stocking Stuffer Prizes

Christmas Cash Lottery Ticket Prices

1 Ticket: $25

3 Tickets: $40

10 Tickets: $80

20 Tickets: $100

Here's how we help:

At the Saskatchewan SPCA, we are driven by our passion and love for animals. We are dedicated to the collaborative effort to make change and be the voice for animals. Our priority of promoting a healthy and lasting human-animal connection is at the core of everything we do. The goal of every action we take and conversation we have, is to enhance the wellbeing of animals. Our tireless efforts create positive change for those we love.​

Thank you for your support!

50/50 Kitty Pool Ticket Prices

1 Ticket: $10

5 Tickets: $20

10 Tickets: $25

2022 Christmas Cash Lottery Winners

Early Bird Prize

November 30, 2023

Prize Amount: $3,000
Ticket #:

Lottery Licence Number: LR23-0049

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2023 Christmas Cash Lottery FAQ & Rules of Play